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Overland Park Chiropractor

Welcome to Active Family Chiropractic, located in Overland Park, KS. We are proud to offer Chiropractic services to patients in Overland Park and surrounding areas, including Olathe and all of Greater Kansas City.

Active Family Chiropractic has been serving the Overland Park community since 2013. We offer a variety of different services so that we can get you out of pain, and prevent it from ever returning. This includes some of the latest technology in lasting pain relief with our high intensity laser therapy

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Looking to be seen immediately? We have same day appointments available. Contact us at 913-681-6013 to schedule your appointment today. 


Active Family Chiropractic is located in the heart of Overland Park. Our office is located to the South of Hy-Vee, off of 135th Street. 

Active Family Chiropractic

8917 W. 135th Street

Overland Park, KS 66221

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Chad Welter

Hi, I’m Dr. Chad Welter. I continue to do my best to make a great impact on the Overland Park Community. A few examples include being a part of the Make A Wish Foundation Young Professionals. I'm in the Overland Park Rotary Club and the Co-chairman for the Corporate Woods firework show for the next few years. I also let local students come shadow once a week to learn more about the profession. If you haven't met me, I want to tell you a few things about me, starting with why I decided to become a Chiropractor in the first place.

Active Family Chiropractic | Overland Park, KS

I was raised in a small town, and I remember hearing people talk about how the local Chiropractor helped them get back to working cattle without pain, to do more than just sit at a desk, to work in the garden, or even just to walk outside for longer periods of time.
As an athlete I also saw the benefits of Chiropractic firsthand. Like typical small town kids, my friends and I played every sport we could fit into our schedules year-round. It was rare to catch any of us without a football, basketball, or baseball bat in hand. But too much activity can eventually wear anyone down, and our local Chiropractor not only helped us recover quickly from sports injuries, but also ensured we were able to maintain a high level of activity with regular visits.
I am a firm believer in the importance of an active lifestyle. As a person who can’t sit still for long, I understand the agony of those who are unable to do the things they enjoy because of pain. In fact, a brief hobby in bull riding during college quickly reminded me how much I appreciate Chiropractic.  Any number of injuries I’ve had could have slowed me down, but instead, I find myself going to the gym as often as I can, fishing on the weekends, golfing, and wakeboarding at the lake in the summer. An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle, and ultimately, that is my goal—to help you be healthy.


After seeing how grateful my friends and family have been for Chiropractic care, and taking advantage of the benefits myself, I know it was the right career path for me.  I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Medical Diagnostic Imaging from Fort Hays State University in 2006, and graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College right here in Overland Park in 2012. I've already had the opportunity to treat children, geriatrics, and athletes. Chiropractic can truly benefit people of all ages, from all walks of life. I am excited each and every day to help people like you live a longer, happier, and more active life. I look forward to meeting you and learning what Chiropractic care can do for you and your family, too.






Dr. Curt Welter

Active Family Chiropractic | Overland Park, KS

Hi, I’m Doctor Curt Welter.

I want to tell you a few things about me, starting with why I decided to pursue chiropractic as a career in the first place.

Being from a small town, I participated in sports year around. It was rare for my parents to have a week or even weekend off from sports throughout our entire upbringing between my brother and I.  Through sports, I found the benefits of chiropractic care in helping me perform at my best. Chiropractic helped me recover from injuries faster, while also allowing me to perform at a higher level. I was fortunate enough to become a 2x State Champion in Kansas State Track, a 10 time state medalist, and an All-State basketball player in high school. Chiropractic enabled me to reach heights I didn’t know were possible and I contribute a lot of my high school success to regular chiropractic treatments.


Following high school, I attended the University of Kansas and obtained my bachelors in Exercise Science. While attending KU I worked for the National Institute of Health and a physical therapy clinic. These have both helped in shaping my style of practice that incorporates chiropractic, physical therapy, and nutrition. Upon graduation from Cleveland Chiropractic College in the spring of 2015, I have joined Active Family Chiropractic and feel extremely blessed to have this opportunity to work alongside my brother.

I understand the frustration that comes with not being able to participate in activities you love due to pain. While also being an individual that can’t sit still, I find myself still playing various sports, fishing, volunteering, and working out almost everyday. I have been a Dream Manager for the volunteer organization Dream Factory for the past 5 years granting dreams to chronic and terminally ill children and now serve on the Board of Directors and look forward to continuing my work with Dream Factory throughout my entire career. I have also been given the opportunity to Coach the Blue Valley Special Olympics team as well throughout the year. 


An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle, and ultimately, that is our goal—to help you be healthy through expert chiropractic care.

I have experience treating athletes, geriatrics, and children formulating the best care possible to fit the individuals’ needs. Chiropractic care can benefit all ages. I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and your families. It will be my goal to become active in the Overland Park community and to provide quality, affordable, and effective chiropractic care for entire families.

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